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professional chef turned triple threat marketer

2017 was the year that completely changed my life. It forced me to shift to finding work online. It was then I discovered this thing called digital marketing. I've been studying, getting coached by the best in the industry. I became a Certified Master Marketer in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

I used to think that having a 9-5 job was the definition of success.

Like most of us that's how we are taught to believe.

Work your ass off, retire and then die...

But I'm breaking my generational curse. I am more than that. I want to live in freedom. What do I mean by that? Meaning I want to live my life in my own terms. Do the things I want to do in my own time. Not having to answer to a boss or having to get permission to get time off.

For most of us we don't realize our true potential until our backs are against the wall. For me, it was 4 years ago when I lost everything. I got fired from my job, then eventually losing my home. My son and I were homeless for about 9 months. One of the hardest things I had to endure in my life. So many things going through my mind. And add depression, anxiety and worry to the mix. I was not in a good headspace.

Anyway, long story short, I am very grateful these events happened to me. After all, things happen for a reason right? So this is where my online journey started.

I am helping entrepreneurs like yourself build their offer, their launch strategies, and funnel design...

Thank you for being here. I'm committed to helping you and I'm excited to see your business come to life...

you don't have to know everything...

...the solution to your pain is to allow me to work with you for YOUR business, giving you time to just stay in your own zone of genius...I'm on a mission to help others like you!


brief summary about what you do at your business

OFFER building

who are your humans? who are you serving?

Offer creation and determining your human is the first step. I help you with this process so we can confidently build you a solid offer that will connect with your market of hot buyers.

funnel building

why do your business need one?

A funnel is an automated journey for your customers leading them to buy whatever it is your selling. It turns your visitors into buyers. Meaning more money in your pocket. Does that sound good or what?

launch strategy

why is this the most important?

Time to make some noise, disruption, and let the whole world know about what you have to offer! Remember campaigns create cash, funnels collect them! Be very unapologetically noisy!

add video testimonials if you have them


videos can be a very powerful persuasion tool

say goodbye to your 9-5 job. fire your boss. live free. stop having to ask for permission. and start being your own boss!

Download my quick tips on how you can get your online business started today!

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